October 22, 2005

...And It Was Good

I read the Bible again today, just to make sure. You know the part where God says "let there be light" and it was good. And where He says "Let there be water", and it was good. And where he creates "fowl and cattle and every thing that creepth upon the earth after his kind," and, of course, it was good too. And on the seventh day He looked at his work, gazed at his dirty fingernails, wiped a hand across his sweaty brow, heaved a slow, deep sigh, flashed a hint of a smile... and decided to kick His feet back and bask in His accomplishment. Well, I'm pretty convinced that all of this - the Garden of Eden, the resting and all the creation stuff - must've taken place in the exact same location where Catherine and I spent this past week. So I looked at the Bible again and for the life of me I can't find a single mention of Kaua'i. Hmmm.. must've been lost in translation.

Suffice to say, we had a tremendous week. Rented the most stunningly
beautiful, secluded house on the north shore of Kaua'i. I mean, this place couldn't be more perfect if it were in a Disney movie. Three thousand square foot estate on acres of private property. Private beach, private dock, private golf course, private lake, private boats, private guava trees. We even had our own private swan. Everytime you looked out on the lake, that swan would be majestically gliding across the center, as if it were on one of those mechanical target movers you see at the carnival BB Gun booth.

Then of course there were the chickens. If you haven't been to Kaua'i, you probably don't know about the chickens and roosters. There are hundreds of them. Scratch that, thousands. Probably millions. They're all over the place, cock-a-doodledy-dooing themselves silly at all hours of the day and night. There's nothing so relaxing as falling asleep in your private home, as the sun sets over your private lake, the wind rustling the leaves on your private trees, and the incessant cock-a-doodle-doo of a billion homeless chickens to lull you to sleep. And somehow, after a few days, it actually becomes romantic.

Needless to say, we had an incredible time. We laughed and played and
galavanted ourselves silly, without a care in the world. We swam around the pristine lake as the sun rose in the mornings, and snorkled through clear blue waters in the afternoon. We ran ourselves to oblivion. We kayaked so hard we couldn't lift the damn boat on top of the car when we were done. And conquered a 7 hour, 8 mile hike through the jungle, across the treacherous streams, over the ankle biting rocks, in the rain... uphill both ways. And we ate. Oh yes, we ate. And ate. And ate.

It was tiring. But it was pure heaven. And now I realize why God really needed that rest. I wonder if the chickens kept him up all night....


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