July 19, 2007

Vineman or Bust. Hopefully Not Both.

Catherine and I are leaving for Sonoma at 6am tomorrow morning. It'll be a nice 6 or 7 hour drive. Actually, I take that back, the drive is pretty dull. Come to think of it, it's butt ugly. At least until we get to Santa Rosa. Either way, I don't think there is any Internet access up in beautiful Guerneville, California. Which means we won't be able to communicate until next week.

Will you remember me when I come back?
Will you wait for me?
Or will you end up sleeping with that whore again the moment I get in my car and drive off into the sunrise?

Don't forget about all the special times we had.

See you soon.

By the way, I don't think I told you about my new coach. I highly recommend them. Especially if you have low self-esteem.


TriTurtL said...

Run Forrest Run! Hope you pushed when you needed to push, and held back when you needed to hold back. Hope it was a great race!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

I'll be burning an eternal flame for you until you get back.

Have a great race! I can't wait to read about it!