July 31, 2007

15 Random Facts About Me That You Really Don't Care About

1. I can't stand the sight of wet paper towel or toilet paper on the floor. It grosses me out.

2. I love eating fish. I especially love tuna. But I can't stand canned tuna fish. The smell alone makes me nauseous.

3. I like peanuts. I like butter. I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I don't like peanut butter from a jar. I have no idea why.

4. My left pinkie finger is shorter than my right by about 1/4 inch because I got it slammed in a door when I was a kid.

5. Four weeks after I slammed my left pinkie finger in a door, I slammed my right pinkie finger in another door.

6. My girlfriend's name is Cat. She owns a cat.

7. I'm highly allergic to cats. Fortunately it's only to the four-legged variety.

8. After 12 years of allergy shots, I've finally realized the miraculous powers of Nasonex.

9. Biking is my least favorite sport in triathlon. It is also the one that I suck at the most.

10. In my mind I'm still a fast runner. I have yet to let my body know the truth.

11. When my body admits that I am no longer a fast runner, running will officially be the sport I suck at the most. That's why I'm keeping it a secret.

12. Four years ago, I couldn't swim 50 meters. Today, swimming is my strongest sport.

13. One night fifteen years ago, right after removing my shirt for the first time in front of my new girlfriend, she said "wow". I still don't know if she meant that I had a surprisingly good physique or a surprisingly bad one.

14. For the amount of exercise I do, I have a surprisingly bad physique.

15. I don't use an American Express card because it doesn't make me feel as elitist as it used to.