September 08, 2007

T Minus One Day

Catherine and I are in upstate New York right now, just outside of New Paltz. My big SOS race is tomorrow, which I believe is my main race for the year if I'm not mistaken.

Yesterday, Catherine, my sister and I took out the mountain bikes and rode the 18+ miles of trails that will be the run portion of the race. To use Catherine's words, "it's crazy beautiful." And it ends at Mohonk, which is crazier beautifuller.

It should be a good time. That is, if it doesn't rain, like is forecasted.


No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

I'm still astounded by this race. The other day I was swimming and thinking of you my whole workout ("could I do this in shoes? And somewhere in between 18 frigging miles?! OF TRAIL?! This guy is badass. I never would even survive 16 200's on a bad day..."). So when I say, "good luck", I mean it! When I say, "good job" in a couple of days, I'll mean that even more!

CVSURF said...

Hope you had a great race.