December 23, 2006

It's A Pain To Be Good

There's good pain and there's bad pain...

The tightness in your legs the day after a fast and fun 15 mile training run = good pain
Stubbing your toe on the bed frame in the middle of the night as you shuffle to the bathroom for a much needed pee = bad pain

The lifeless feeling in your arms as you finish a quality, super-heavy set of bench presses = good pain
Smashing your finger with a hammer while you pretend to be Mr. Macho Builder Guy = bad pain

The searing pain in your quads as you pound the pedals up the steep 7 mile climb = good pain
Washing your face at the bathroom sink and then standing up and slamming the back of your head into the open medicine cabinet door = bad pain

I went to a yoga class yesterday. I'm not a very flexible person. Today, I hurt. Back, hamstrings, quads, arms... basically everythings. It's painful. In a bad way.

But I suppose that's a good thing.