December 04, 2006

Be Careful Where You Breathe

I'm sitting here typing on the computer, minding my own business.
The little flea is flying around, minding it's own business.
We have our own businesses, and we do not need to bother each other.

But the little flea is curious.
The little flea flies towards me and starts getting up in my business.
It comes toward my face.
I swoosh my hand and scare him away.

But the little flea has heart. He does not give up so easily.
He comes towards me again. Gets up in my face. Gets in front of my mouth. Below my nose.
I startle. I sniffle.
The little flea is suddenly sucked up into my nose.

I react. I'm freaked. I don't like insects in my nose.
I don't think, I just react. I sniff harder.
Bad move.
I can feel the little flea leave my nose and drop in my throat.

I swallow.
And now there is one less little flea in this world.
And one disgusted computer typing person.


Anonymous said...

LOL - Hmm... with whom do my sympathies lie? The human who possesses (?) reason or now defunct Little Flea Guy?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, protein.