July 22, 2008

Post Apologies

I need to apologize to everybody. I haven't posted a gosh darn thing in awhile. It's not for lack of caring. I've had oh so many things to say but, honestly, work has been so incredibly crazy busy. To top it off, Catherine and I were just in New York City for a bunch of days where we went to our friends wedding. And now I'm trying to get a magazine article done. As if that's not enough, Catherine and I are headed out east again next week to celebrate her big birthday.

Excuses excuses.

I'm going to try to say a little something or other before we leave, but no promises.

Thanks for your understanding.
It's why I like you so much.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. I was starting to get worried.

Anonymous said...

This week my kids brought home pedometers from school. They are doing a nationwide campaign throughout all NZ schools to get kids active, so they are "walking" the length of NZ. So now, my kids are running madly on the spot to get their steps up each day - everytime I see them do it, I think of you!!! WEIRD!

Welcome back