October 02, 2007

....And He's Still There

This story is going to sicken you.

There is a 42 year old woman who lives a few blocks down the road from me. She had some work to do on her condo so last week, instead of hiring a bunch of overpriced tradesmen, she decided to save some money in the true Los Angeles way: she drove down to the corner and got a few Mexican day laborers to do the work for cheap.

I'm guessing that the work went well, she saved a couple of pennies and life went on.

Fast forward to this past Thursday night. The woman comes home at about 10pm to find her house ransacked. And the burglar was still there.

But wait, it gets worse. Much worse.

As she entered, he attacked her, beat her and tied her up. For the next four hours he repeatedly raped her and sexually abused her in ways I'd rather not know. Finally, at two in the morning, he took her cash, credit cards and car keys. He jumped in her convertible Mercedes and got the heck out of there.

The woman was soon able to get out of the ropes and have a neighbor call 9-1-1.

Here's where it gets a little more freaky...

The cops caught the intruder earlier today. A 17-year old Latino driving a convertible Mercedes through the streets of Oxnard stands out like a sore thumb. Yes, he is 17 years old.

Even more, this kid was one of the same men who the woman had hired a few days earlier to help her fix her condo. And though on first glance it seemed as if he had scouted out the condo and went back to rob the valuables, that's wrong.

He hadn't been scouting out the condo, he had been scouting out the condo owner.

He had showed up in the condo on Thursday morning. Sneaking in through a doggie door, he waited, lurking inside the home all day while the woman was at work. Time enough to sit around and contemplate what he was going to do. Time to make decisions. Time to back out. Unfortunately he didn't. 12 hours later she came home and he attacked.

He has raped, beaten, robbed, and stolen from this woman and Lord knows what other charges will be leveled against him.

Here's the catch: he is underage. And he is an illegal alien.

So tell me, how quickly do you think he'll be walking the streets of Los Angeles again?
Now tell me, what's your position on immigration?


Andra Sue said...

Oh, geez. That's just horrendous. :(

And, btw, I take a pretty hard line on illegal immigration. Tends to be what happens when one lives in Texas for a long time.

Paul a.k.a. Ironhead said...

It's when I hear about things like this that the pro-vigilante side of me takes over and wants to grab a pitchfork, a torch, and go all villager-nimbly-bimbly on his illegal alien ass...

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

I know we can try children as adults, can we try immigrants as Americans? No, probably not, huh? But if the crime's heinous enough won't the Mexican penal system step up? I'll continue hoping that while I remember what my mom said about not talking to strangers.

Laura said...

Whether or not this person is American, he will be charged with a crime, prosecuted, plea guilty or be convicted, sentenced, serve his time in jail, then deported after he is released as per US immigration laws (if he's ever released).
There are really bad Americans and really bad-non Americans.