August 14, 2007

No Rhyme Or Reason

I live in Los Angeles, California. We have two baseball teams, two basketball teams, one hockey team and one soccer team. We are host to the LA Marathon and the LA Triathlon. Sure we may be missing a football team, but we still have our fair share of sports in this city. Which made my trip to the Post Office today all the more confusing and poetic.

As I was standing in line waiting to mail my packages, my eyes meandered over to the post office display...

There were your standard envelopes and jiffy packs; rolls of packing tape and bubble wrap. Even teddy bears on the wall, next to canvas bags with postage stamp designs. Yes, they had it all.

But the one thing that really caught my eye and made me wonder. Were the magnetic sports decals they had hanging near the pencils, but a little yonder. Not the Lakers or the Dodgers or magnetic David Beckham heads, but a big red and white logo for the Cincinnati Reds.

Cincinnati?! I thought. That's fucking absurd. We live in a big coast-side city, not some midwestern suburb. Do they really think we need to remember Johnny Bench, when we already have Lindsey and Paris and her other friend, what's her name... that wench.

Give me Kobe or Nomar or even Posh Spice, a little LA pride would be kinda nice. But alas a Cincinnati Reds decal was all I saw this time. I have no clue why I decided to make this idiotic story rhyme.